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To receive a quote today to fly with "London's Private Jet" please email  with your trip details.                                                                                                                                                               London, Ontario, Canada

London's Private Jet is locally owned by ADJ Holdings Inc. and operated regionally by NOVAJET an experienced charter company with ARG/US Platinum Safety and IS/BAO Certified.

The Astra SPX also known as the Gulfstream 100 is a medium jet able to comfortably accommodate seven passengers. The Astra SPX is the most economical long-range mid-size jet and has a range of 2700 nm which can take you direct from London to San Diego.

The Astra SPX's cruising speed of 470 knots makes it the fastest aircraft in its class. Sit back, relax and let our experienced crew take you to your destination while servicing all your needs.

The aircraft is great for business travel whether visiting multiple site locations, having quick meetings, or travelling to remote business locations which are otherwise not accessible commercially. We have access to over 6000 airports not serviced by major airports.

Flying by London's Private Jet enhances travel by offering a no hassle experience. There are no delays, no security, no lineups and no need to check-in in advance. You are in control and the plane waits for you to take off.

With London's Private Jet you can travel on demand and create your own flight times to suit your business and personal needs. It is the ultimate experience of freedom and flexibility for travelling.

We also offer a full range of concierge services including:

Gourmet catering, special occasion arrangements, rental cars and limousines and can provide a wide variety of conveniences or amenities you request. 

Block Rates are also available.

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